Interiors & deck design

S/y Sun Tenareze - 85’ then Rose of Jericho and now Azizam

2001 / 2004
Built at JFA Yachts, the catamaran was designed around the specification of an experienced and multi-recidivist owner who wished to perform a circumnavigation in the best conditions.
Sun Tenareze Int

Developed in collaboration with his couple of crew, the ship sailed more than 40,000 miles safely within these first 5 years of navigation. The catamaran continues today with a new owner her dual wake as the Rose of Jéricho then, now Azzizam.

S/y Sun Tenareze int

The totality of hulls and platform were be built in Nomex / glass-carbon / epoxy prepreg, the mast and the boom in carbon, sails in Vectran. Much of the accommodation was conducted for weight reasons, in composites foam panels as core.

Organized around a large indoor and outdoor deck with lounges space, the boat is equipped with a comfortable dining table for 8 persons, a bar and a navigation space. This social place distributes in the floats four cabins and their bathrooms, kitchen on starboard and the laundry room on the port side.

The interior woodwork was conducted in moiré moabi with a full grains varnish. The linings are composed of panels sheathed leather or stretched fabric following the spaces of life and lacquer for the kitchen and the laundry room. Floors receive stretched natural wool carpets for lounge and cabins. In other spaces and circulation a moabi wood floor with fillets of sycamore were supplies.

Sun Tenareze Int
Sun Tenareze Int

A huge glass windshield protects the superstructures on nearly 250 ° on the front, combined with a sliding rear doors and large side windows, make the nacelle - social heart of the boat - a bright, comfortable and protective space offering a wide visibility on the outside.