• July 2017
    Three years of oceanic explorations established for the M/v ASE Yersin
  • December 2016
    Super Yacht Times articles list on M/v ASE Yersin
  • July 2016
    Hollywood Reporter article about the ASE M/v Yersin
  • February 2016
    Boat International, specialized Yachts magazine, cover & article after cruising expedition on board M/v ASE Yersin
  • October 2015
    ASE M/v Yersin presentation in Monaco Yachts Shown by Super Yacht Times
  • September 2015
    ASE M/v Yersin presentation in Fr navy press Mer & Marine
  • September 2015
    M/v Yersin project’s actors in Yachts édition of Le Marin Fr & Uk magazine
  • September 2015
    Extreme cruising with M/v Yersin in Boat International magazine
  • July 2015
    ASE M/v Yersin presentation in Monaco Yachts Show by Yacht World
  • June 2015
    M/v ASE Yersin presented in specialized press CharterWorld
  • June 2015
    The Yersin christened in Monaco by Uk Boat International
  • June 2015
    Press release about Pierre J. Kubis Designs for the M/v ASE Yersin
  • June 2015
    M/v ASE Yersin Owner’s project introduce in Fr Ouest France
  • May 2015
    Les rayons du soleil ont salué le Yersin

    Mardi soir, le Yersin a quitté Concarneau sous les feux du soleil couchant. Sa coque semblait plaquée d’or...

    Source : Ouest France
  • May 2015
    M/v ASE Yersin change of hands in local Fr Ouest France
  • May 2015
    The Navire de Voyage in local Fr press Ouest France
  • May 2015
    M/v Yersin delivery inl Fr local press Le Telegramme
  • May 2015
    M/v ASE Yersin delyvery in speciaize Fr press Mer & Marine
  • March 2015
    The Superyacht Owner Uk magazine introduce her Owner’s project
  • March 2015
    Launch of the M/v ASE Yersin in Concarneau Fr harbor
  • January 2015
    M/v Yersin leaves her building shed in local Fr press
  • December 2013
    Order of two + 1 Tuna Senner 80 m Sapmer for Pacific & Indian oceans
  • August 2012
    M/v Yersin in the Piriou Shipyard business news
  • June 2012
    The M/v ASE Yersin order in the Fr national press
  • June 2012
    The M/v Yersin order in the International press
  • June 2012
    M/v ASE Yersin order in the FR maritim & local press
  • June 2012
    Order of M/v ASE Yersin in Mer & Bateaux Fr magazine
  • June 2012
    Piriou press release for the order of 76m M/v ASE YERSIN
  • October 2010
    MS/y Hortense in Boat Exclusive magazine
  • December 2009
    Classic 82’ S/y Atao in Yachting Classic magazine
  • September 2008
    Order of the S/y Mousetrap in Fr local press
  • December 2007
    Newsletter from JFA about Pierre J. Kubis designs
  • October 2007
    Modern-classic S/y Atao in The Best magazine
  • September 2007
    Modern-classic S/y Atao in the Spanish Grands Esloras magazine
  • September 2007
    S/y Atao in The Yacht Report magazine
  • June 2007
    S/y Atao modern-classic in Mer & Bateaux Fr magazine
  • May 2007
    The modern-Classic S/y Atao in Boat International Uk magazine
  • December 2006
    About Pierre J. Kubis Designs for yachts & maritim industries
  • December 2004
    Mer & Bateaux Fr magazine about S/y catamaran Sun Tenareze
  • October 2004
    S/y catamaran Sun Tenareze in The Best magazine
  • December 2002
    Showboats International magazine about S/y Magistral
  • December 1998
    Press about Pierre-J. Kubis Designs from 1993 to 1998