Objects & Furniture

From a fleeting idea, an observation, a movement or a simple game of constraints, forms and functions emerge, be interlaced and get organised themselves, giving the place for volumes and materials.

Through its creations, Pierre J. Kubis Designs develops a sobriety, like cleaned from surplus. A demanding, sensitive approach, which integrates the considerations deriving from contemporary constraints to nomadism and compactness. Such research led him to design multifunctional objects, in parallel with the elaboration of exceptional furniture and one-off pieces.

With its innovative research and development, the designer capitalises on the experience acquired in the design and manufacture of technically constrained furniture. The transverse nature of its skills enables him to creatively explore a number of materials, whether they are traditional, high-tech like composites or durable with natural fibres.

The process for working out and designing objects

  • Analysis and consideration of the specifications
  • Strategic monitoring and observation of the context
  • Stylistic or conceptual sketches and snapshots.
  • Evaluations of the issues, debates and synthesis.
  • Technical development using CAD.
  • 3D modelling integrating all the elements.
  • Kinematics of the moveable parts.
  • Studies and range of colours and materials.
  • Collaboration through the technical development.

This step-by-step approach enables the optimisation of later phases. The 3D model also gives access to virtual rendering and the possible creation of a video film of the object in its context.