External styling & General Arrangement

Harbor MALL project’s - Concarneau CCI’s

Organized in February 2014 by the French Chamber of Commerce and industry of Finistère, the architectural competition focused on rehabilitation and requalification of a building originally designed and intended for fishermen and the professionals of the fishing market.

In a context of general reflection on the reorganization and redistribution of spaces and port buildings located in the heart of the town of Concarneau, the expectations were related to the reallocation of a corps of professional building for commercial, tourist and gastronomic uses. Placed in quayside with a stand back of an hundred meters, and its main façade exposed on South, the structure offers a panorama fully open the rear port, pontoons and the walled city.

HARBOR MALL Concarneau’s CCI

In collaboration with the architect Jean-François Lamour, his agency in Lorient - Armor architects and associates - and on the specifications defined by the CCI, we conducted a reflection using the existing building envelope as its projection support for a centrifugal relationship in its environment.

Indeed its location in the port spaces of CONCARNEAU, predisposes it especially to this role of articulation between urban and Harbor, commercial, economic and tourism, functional and ambulatory, social and cultural.

HARBOR MALL Concarneau’s CCI

The horizontal and vertical circulations are here deported outwards, creating a series of corridors covered with awnings and protections to the weather. Indeed, by exploiting voltaic and thermal captures from the 560 m² of South-oriented roofing, and after its total re-dressing insulation from the outside, the building is intended to ensure its energy self-sufficiency.