• 28  Nov  2013

    Firm order of three 80 m purse Thuna seiners for Piriou shipyards

    PIRIOU shipyards announced the signature for the order for the first two units, of a new generation of purse seiner’s freezers for SAPMER, with an option for a third.

    The new units of 79.5 m long and 14.2 meters wide have an innovative design, developed by the research departments of the shipyard in collaboration with the designer Pierre Jacques Kubis Designs.

    The futures tunas seiners are characterized by their new hull form, optimized and ending at the front by a reverse bow. The objective is to improve the penetration of the hull in the water, which with lower resistance generates energy savings. This form also provides a better behavior at sea, improving the comfort of the crew, while increasing the capacity for storage than a tuna with a bow bulb.

    This external design which integrates a platform for helicopter or a drone, intended to sign the identity of SAPMER in Indian and Pacific oceans.

    These two tunas of 80 m will be respectively delivered late 2014 and early 2015 and operated in the Indian Ocean.