Prospective styling

F/V Tuna seiner 260’ - 80m

In way of a strategic positioning, was developed a collaboration with the Projects & Engineering Departments of the Piriou shipyards.
F/V Thoniers Senneur 260’ - 80m

Research, development and affirmation of the identities of the shipbuilder and ship-owner conveyed through their fleets of ships. An ambitious and relevant approach for ships intended to sail Pacific and Indian Ocean.

These jobs had especially led the innovative hull development, with a reverse bow, streamlining the construction, improving stability to sea and allowing a better distribution of volumes on board.

F/V Thoniers Senneur 260’ - 80m

Finalization of the exterior styling

F/V Tuna seiner 260’ - 80 m


F/V Thoniers Senneur 260’ - 80m

From one of a designed silhouette retained, the Engineering Department of the Piriou’s shipyard has developed technical assessment and studies in collaboration with the team owner.

Many items remained to be finalized as the bulwark hull sheer line, bulwark’s recess for wheelhouse’s bridge, the helicopter / drone platform, the asymmetrical funnel, the radar mast and the geometry of the bow among other.

These Works take shape by the Sapmer owner’s, which order 2 units and one optional in November 2013. The delivery of the first Tuna Seiner, the F/V Morn Seselwa, by SEAS shipyard, a subsidiary of Piriou Group in Viet Nam, was held early in December 2014.

F/V Thoniers Senneur 260’ - 80m