• 13  mai  2015

    Delivery & departure of the m/v ASE - YERSIN for Malta

    It is through one of these beautiful evenings of May, warm and sunny, the Sea offering a mirror to the stars, that the m/v ASE YERSIN gently takes the channel connecting the port of Concarneau to the high Seas.

    Moment of grace, moving because unique and ephemeral, to see the hawsers to relax, then slide wet of Concarneau’s flows along the hull, to feel each one to his post, concentrated, all the senses in alert.

    Feel the conjugation’s quivering of these tons of steel and aluminum, energy and work, leaving away from the dock to the orders of blades and pistons, spreading with delicacy the waves of the Cornouaille’s Seas.

    It is of these moments, rare, often untold, which are engraved in the memories.

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