Interiors Design

A passion for the authenticity of the atmosphere, coloured by the nobility of the materials and lightings, gives to its spaces the reasoned audacity of timeless.

In its creations, Pierre J. Kubis Designs regularly combines wood, glass, aluminium and steel, with in watermark a subtle working of the light. A search which sculpt and reinforce understated geometries, where few tense curves highlight the contrast between the materials and the play of the perceptions.
The designer develops a range of high level services and requirements, capitalizing on the experience acquired in the design of highly constrained spaces that echo life and work at sea.

The key work phases:

  • Research sketches, for the elaboration of concepts
  • General arrangement plan, setting up the project within its constraints
  • Integration of architectural and technical elements
  • Fine design definition of the project in CAD, using 3D modelling
  • Viewing and imaging for exchanging and sharing
  • Drafting of specifications and documentation
  • Proposals for the range of colours & materials
  • Cross-disciplinary participation in the technical developments

These stages will provide you the necessary fluidity for the development of later studies. The modelling enables you to access at presentation of virtual images or movies, where every element fits into its surroundings.