A two steps development
Exterior design and styling

Yersin A.S.E. 251’

2011 / 2012
Around the expectations of an experienced owner, documented and enriched by The Engineering department of Piriou’s Shipyard, design and styling of the silhouette of the ship.
Yersin A.S.E. 251-2

characterizing the expectations of her owner and affirming the spirit of its navigation and exploration program, the boat displays an exterior design unusual, inspired by the ships of the beginning of the 20 th century. A nearly vertical bow, tensed waters entries, a small bulb on a bronze grey hull, topped by flow and sober forms superstructures make an identifiable and assumed exploration vessel.


Drawn around the real project of sailing, explore and teaching, the A.S.E. is programmed to navigate from the polar cold to the extreme heat while respecting the environment.

Inspired by the desire for adventure and childhood’s dreams built with the 3 emblematic characters which are Tintin, the Commandant Cousteau and the Prince Albert 1er, the vessel wear the also symbolic name of YERSIN.



Stabilization of the Visual identity & the styling

M/V YERSIN - A. S. E. 251’

2013 / 2014

Yersin ASE-5



After many months of exchanges, tune-ups and studies with owner’s team and the shipyard’s studies office, total ship modeling allows to see all details, choices and trade-offs.

Beyond the work of 3D CAD and scanning giving to the project a high view in technical, geometric and definition terms, it gives access to a set of illustrations in situation and movie simulating the ship in its context.


Three years which allowed Pierre J. Kubis Designs to accompany day after day, the different teams that give life to the M/V YERSIN.

Yersin A.S.E. 251-9
ASE Yersin-10


Ase - Teaser Yersin

View online : M/v Yersin presentation 2012