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Create and designing is a projection of an idea into the reality, seek out, synthesize and express the essence of it accurately. The maritime universe, through its high-level requirements, calls for a culture of balance and adaptation so as to give rise to coherent, high-quality living spaces encouraging well-being.

Services & prestations


Listening & understanding

The pertinence of a creation relies on attentive listening, comprehension and the meticulous analysing of expectations, constraints and needs.

Rendering & expressing

Any concept, whatever the levels of innovation and the subject, require a visual translation. An expression enabling comprehension, communication, appropriateness and sharing.

Designing & exchanging

To bring out the guiding principles, concepts and premise, made up of intuition and precise objectives. To define the specifications, structure and architecture together.

Developing & detailing

Proposing new concepts and devising innovative or quite simply different solutions, requires active participating in their elaboration with technical adjustments to maintain relevance.

Innovating & creating

Offering up suggestions combining reasoned levels of innovation, targeted creativity and the use of proven solutions. To characterise the identity, spirit and substance of the programme.

Monitoring & finalising

Supporting and documenting the contributors and builders with every development, exchange and decision, so as to guarantee the coherence and pertinence of the programme.

Modelling & integrating

Whatever the point of entry or the complexity of the programme, the use of 3D & 2D modelling tools is essential for ensuring the necessary precision, adaptability and interdisciplinary.

Advising & supporting

Offering owners, boat owners, investors, project managers or decision-makers, the missions of advising, assessing and monitoring required by the realization.


Our aim is to combine technology and the design, to harmonise comfort and functionality, to develop an authentic and timeless aesthetic.

Pierre J. Kubis Designs is synonymous with an attentive listening of your expectations so as to provide creative, rational and personalised services.

Pierre J. Kubis, the long-term design

The designer invests on the synergy of skills, merging the expertises of professions such as naval design, interior design, furniture and object design. Its method enables to develop designs consistent for your workplace or living spaces… both at sea and elsewhere.

A graduate in interior design at the French’s Ecole Boulle, the leading school for artistic crafts and applied arts and in naval design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, a national college of architecture in Nantes, Pierre J. Kubis has regularly worked with a number of iconic protagonists from the marine industry, with yacht’s builder and designer.

  • Design and development of large passenger ships - Chantiers de l’Atlantique, now known as STX France.
  • Design of Méga Yachts with Martin Francis Design.
  • Project management and design of private sailing yachts 85 à 110’- JFA Yachts shipyard.
  • External design of F/V – Model of 80m Thuna seiner – SEAS / Piriou shipyard.
  • General styling of the outline, shape definition & 3d superstructures modeling on the expedition vessel M/V Yersin - Piriou shipyard.
  • Interiors Architecture, design 3d modeling of living spaces of the expedition vessel M/V Yersin - Piriou shipyard.
  • Design and integrated furniture définition of living spaces of the expedition vessel M/V Yersin - Piriou shipyard.
  • Styling & naval design of the outline of Sightseeing Cat vessels range 236’ - CMHI shipyards
  • Dévelopments, studies & program styling of the expedition vessel project X-plorer 76 -
  • Naval, interiors & deck design of the expedition vessel 117’ M/Y conversion - JFA Yachts shipyard.
  • Several missions in para-shipping but also close collaborations with land architecture.
Today, Pierre J. Kubis Designs works with project manager, international investors, ship-owners and shipyards. Putting pencil to paper at the service of our client’s dreams and objectives, making them a reality, such are our daily challenges. With the motto and the ambition that a successful project is a harmonious synthesis, where the intelligence and skills of all the contributors are brought to the fore.