• 13  May  2015

    Delivery & departure of the m/v ASE - YERSIN for Malta

    It is through one of these beautiful evenings of May, warm and sunny, the Sea offering a mirror to the stars, that the m/v ASE YERSIN gently takes the channel connecting the port of Concarneau to the high Seas.

    Moment of grace, moving because unique and ephemeral, to see the hawsers to relax, then slide wet of Concarneau’s flows along the hull, to feel each one to his post, concentrated, all the senses in alert.

    Feel the conjugation’s quivering of these tons of steel and aluminum, energy and work, leaving away from the dock to the orders of blades and pistons, spreading with delicacy the waves of the Cornouaille’s Seas.

    It is of these moments, rare, often untold, which are engraved in the memories.

    View online : 77m explorer motor yacht yersin designed pierre j kubis designs

  • 12  May  2015

    Livraison et départ du m/v ASE - YERSIN pour Malte

    C’est par une de ces belles soirées du mois de mai, chaude et ensoleillée, la mer s’offrant en miroir aux astres, que le m/v ASE YERSIN a embouqué délicatement le chenal reliant le port de Concarneau à la haute mer.

    Moment de grâce, émouvant parce qu’unique et éphémère, de voir les haussières se détendre, puis glisser humides des flots Concarnois le long des bordés, de sentir chacun à son poste, concentré, tous les sens en éveil.

    Percevoir les frémissements conjugués de ces tonnes d’acier et d’aluminium, d’énergie et de travail, s’éloigner du quai aux ordres des pâles et des pistons, écartant avec délicatesse les flots de la mer de Cornouaille.

    Il est de ces moments, rares, souvent indicibles, qui se gravent dans les mémoires.

  • 5  May  2015

    M/v A.S.E. YERSIN’s interiors design developments of Owner spaces

    Almost four years which allowed Pierre J. Kubis Designs to accompany day after day, the different teams that give life to the M/V YERSIN’s decks & interiors.

  • 27  Mar  2015

    Delivery of the second of the three Tuna seiners 80 m by Piriou shipyard

    The second in a new series of tuna seiners freezers of 80 m ordered in the end of 2013 to Piriou shipyards - SEAS in Viet Nam, by the owner SAPMER, has been delivered the 27 of march in Mahé, its homeport in Seychelles.

    Fruit of the collaboration between the engineering services of the Piriou shipyards and forward-looking styling by Pierre Jacques Kubis Designs, the ship is distinguished by his reverse bow allowing among other things to improve his behavior at sea.

  • 15  Mar  2015

    Sea trials of the 76.6 m Explorer m/v YERSIN in Cornouailles seas

    Piriou Shipyards proceed to the third sea trials of the "Navire de voyages" m/v ASE YERSIN in the Cornouaille seas in south Brittany.

    This 2 days sea travel in not less than 30 knots of wind allowed the ship owner, his crew and all of the technical staff to assess the behavior of the vessel in rough seas.

    Her delivery and official presentation are scheduled for the 10 of may 2015.

  • 26  Jan  2015

    Launch of the 76.6 m Explorer m/v YERSIN in Concarneau harbor

    Piriou Shipyards comes to the launching of the "Navire de voyages" m/v ASE YERSIN in the harbor of Concarneau.

    This ship with a length of 76,60 meters LOA, built in Concarneau, is a first and a real challenge for the French shipbuilder.

    Created by Pierre Jacques Kubis Naval Designs in collaboration with the owner and the in-house Engineering team, the motor vessel has been designed for cruising in extreme conditions (-20°C/+50°C), with an ice-classed steel hull.

    A singular vessel for versatile offshore sea travels, all seas, all weather in respectful of the environment, "YERSIN" combines a complex technical platform with a high level of comfort and security.

    In building from November 2012, her delivery and official presentation are scheduled for may 2015.

  • 2  Jan  2015

    Receive our best wishes for the new year 2015

    M/v A.S.E. YERSIN’s external design, decks arrangment, styling details studies and rendering simulations, illustrations and film with 3d tools by Pierre J Kubis designs