• 7  Oct  2011

    Preliminary 3d modelling views of m/v Yersin external studies

  • 30  May  2011

    250’ Exploration ship project - Basic design & first styling sketches & studies

    Decks design, superstructures general styling, interiors arrangment and organization, manualy developped in a first time with sketches by Pierre J. Kubis Designs along the six first months of the year 2011

  • 5  May  2011

    85’ s/y Catamaran code named K 85 - general design studies

    Drawn by Pierre J. Kubis Designs closely to customer’s specifications who wish to sail with his family around the world, this large composites catamaran was developped around premises which include the almost full re-use of tooling and production molds from the previous building of the S/Y Sun Tenareze - catamaran launch in 2004 by JFA Yachts shipyard. The creation of an Articulated and linked spaces for young children, from the floats to the nacelle lounges, social hearts of the ship. The introduction of a sobber & flood upper deck flybridge, and keep an elegant and timeless external design.